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Årets juryprisvinnere!

Årets jurymedlemmer gjorde en kjempejobb, og vi er takknemlige for at de takket ja til oppgaven. Selv for filmelskere kan det være intenst å se så mange filmer på så kort tid, og i tillegg må de bedømme alle og velge én vinner.

Skribent Bård Ydén
Av redaksjonen

Som dokumentarjuryen innledet med under prisutdelingen: "Vi var imponert over både kvalitet og bredde i årets filmutvalg. Dette gjorde vår oppgave rikholdig og givende." 

Vi imponeres i like stor grad av juryene og arbeidet de gjør - velkommen til Oslo/Fusion-familien!

Men her er altså årets juryprisvinnere. (Juryuttalelsene ble presentert på engelsk, men vil bli oversatt i løpet av kort tid)

UNGDOMSFILM - hederlig omtale

While our pick for the youth award is the movie we think most young teens would love, we want to give an honorable mention to a movie every teen should watch, and we want to use this opportunity to uplift this movie with an incredibly important and relevant topic. This film shows the intimate true life story of a gay refugee's turbulent and harrowing journey as a child from his home in Afghanistan to seek asylum in Denmark, and it does it in a way that is both poetic and beautiful.

This animated documentary shines a light on a struggle we rarely see represented in media, but that we think there should be more awareness around, and this movie could not have done it more beautifully.

The Honorable Mention goes to FLEE (FLUKT), directed by Jonas Poher Rasmussen


The winner of this year's Youth Award is one we feel will resonate the best amongst a young audience. This is a charmer of a movie, with a fun premise that takes the usual coming of age movie and gives it a new spin.

It's a funny, but also vulnerable story about the friendship between two queer teens that many can relate to and see themselves in.

 The 2021 Youth Award goes to DATING AMBER, directed by David Freyne

KORTFILM - hederlig omtale

A gay couple is breaking up. One of them is moving out but things are complicated and their shared history makes it hard to let go. This film is about a breakup with someone you love and you both know each other to bits. We admired the sensitive way of portraying all the emotions that are connected to a breakup. Though a very intimate story, the acting and screenwriting makes the viewer forget about oneself and enables them to feel confusion, care and pain.

We have chosen this film for an honorable mention because it deals with a common topic in a uniquely nuanced way. The film showed the beauty and difficulty of a heartbreaking decision on whether to stay or not.

Our Honorable mention goes to STAY (Ver her), directed by Maria Winther Olsen


This film is about a young, complex and fierce trans girl. We meet her in the underground techno scene where she’s trying to find herself and questions her relationship to others. This a raw and unfiltered film uncovers the need for love and care in a hardcore, drug environment. To the fast techno beats we see a couple drifting apart because of her transition. The film perfectly manages to show the complexity of a soft and vulnerable, but at the same time empowered character who needs to find her own way in a hostile world.

We loved this film because of the rarely seen trans perspective, because we are so used to seeing trans misery and loneliness. This film managed to show trans alliances and sisterhood love in a complicated way. The piece is very crucial and relevant, supported by a universe of constant inner and outer contrasts.

The 2021 Award for Best Short Film goes to DUSTIN, directed by Naïla Guiguet

DOKUMENTARFILM - hederlig omtale

We, the feature documentary jury, were impressed by the quality and range of this year’s film selection. This made our task both rich and rewarding. All the films we saw embodied a sense of resilience and the significance of community.

Our honorable mention goes to the story of six women and the tense yet tender conversations they share. Beautifully shot in the Spanish countryside, the cinematography poetically captures the layered nature of both the queer and gendered experience.

Our Honorable mention goes to Sediments (Sedimentos) by Adrián Silvestre.


Great documentary filmmaking is contingent upon establishing a trust between the filmmaker and their subject. In our winning film, that trust was built in a friendship spanning more than two decades. The result is keenly felt in the filmmaker’s intimate, detailed portrayal of a desperate journey from an innocent childhood in Kabul to a burdened adult life in Denmark.

This film uniquely combines beautiful animation, archive and personal testimonial to depict the refugee experience in all its vulnerability and brutality. This made for a compelling, timely and deeply moving story.

The 2021 Jury Award for Best Documentary goes to Flee (Flukt) by Jonas Poher Rasmussen.

SPILLEFILM - hederlig omtale

In addition to the winner, we want to highlight another skillfully made film we felt told an important story. This debut film is an engaging reflection upon toxic masculinity and internal prisons. Minimalism, great attention to detail and subtlety throughout. Marvelous cinematography and persuasive acting makes this film a very needed contribution to Romanian and Eastern European cinema.

 This year's honorable mention goes to Poppy Field by Eugen Jebeleanu.


This year's winner takes a familiar, but fresh look at a coming of age story. Focusing on a broad spectrum of themes, such as friendship, family, falling in love, sexuality and coming out, the film never loses sight of its two main characters and their individual struggle.

It is a warm and funny film carried forward first and foremost by its young actors' remarkable talents and charms. We both laughed and cried watching the film, and are delighted to give this year's prize to the film that masters and expands its genre.

This year's Jury Award for Best Feature Narrative goes to Dating Amber by David Freyne.

Vi gratulerer vinnerne og alle filmskapere & team med filmer i programmet!

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