Feature narrative

The Rocky Horror Picture Show

United States – 1975


Oslo/Fusion and SALT Art & Music invite you to one of this year's many highlights, and definitely the most interactive film experience, at the intersection where drag, B-movies, horror, sex and science fiction meet, where YOU are an equal part of whatever happens on screen!

The average heterosexual couple Brad (booring!) and Janet (slut!), on a stormy night, seek shelter in the castle of Dr. Frank-N-Furter and his servants, who may or may not be quite human. On this very night, the mysterious and/or mad doctor will celebrate his ultimate creation; a human - in the form of the perfectly muscular Rocky. Not everyone in the household is equally enthusiastic, and Brad and Janet are in for an evening they won't soon forget - both mentally and genitally.

Your host for the evening is Petter Winther Gåre, so welcome to an evening of hysterical fun - and yes, the best costumes will be praised and awarded!

Oh, and do download the Rocky Horror
 Audience Participation Script!


  • Director

    Jim Sharman

  • Cast

    Tim Curry
    Richard O’Brien
    Susan Sarandon
    Barry Bostwick
    Meat Loaf
    Patricia Quinn
    Nell Campbell
    Peter Hinwood
    Charles Gray
    Jonathan Adams

  • Duration

    105 min.

  • Language


  • Subtitles




  • Salt Art & Music

    09.22.2023 @ 10:00p.m.

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