In Her Words: 20th Century Lesbian Fiction

United States – 2022


This film documents the history and impact of lesbian fiction from the 1920’s through the 1990’s. Narrator Lillian Faderman recounts the impact key world events had on LGBTQ+ history throughout the decades. 

With interviews from numerous trailblazing lesbian authors, including Ann Bannon, Rita Mae Brown, Jewel Gomez, and Sarah Waters, we learn how these world events helped shape their stories and to what extent the stories were reflections of the authors’ own lives as they looked for affirmation and their place in the world.

After the screening on Wednesday 27th, there will be a discussion with director Lisa Marie Evans and Siri Lindstad.


  • Director

    Lisa Marie Evans
    Marianne K. Martin

  • Cast

    Dorothy Allison
    Ann Bannon
    Rita Mae Brown
    Claire McNab
    Sarah Waters
    Lillian Faderman

  • Duration

    93 min.

  • Language


  • Subtitles

    No subtitles


  • Vega 2

    09.27.2023 @ 6:15p.m.

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    Guest in attendance
    Lisa Marie Evans
    · Director

  • Cinemateket

    09.29.2023 @ 6:00p.m.

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