Feature narrative

The People's Joker

United States – 2022


Gotham City: An aspiring clown grappling with her gender identity combats a fascistic caped crusader. A hilarious and loving pastiche of the comics universe as a whole, this debut feature from writer and director Vera Drew, who also stars in it, reimagines the coming-out story from the perspective of the famously chaotic and meme-worthy villain The Joker.
The film is loosely autobiographical, playfully experimental in its blend of comic-book animation and live-action, and deeply personal without wading into the sentimentality of the coming-out genre.

The People‚Äôs Joker is a rallying cry for self-determination, embodiment, and transition as acts of rebellion in a media- and political environment that would put the film, its characters, and its audience into a tidy, consumable box. 


  • Director

    Vera Drew

  • Cast

    Vera Drew
    Lynn Downey
    Griffin Kramer
    Maria Bamford
    Bob Odenkirk

  • Duration

    92 min.

  • Language