Feature narrative

You Can’t Stay Here

United States – 2023


Inspired by real events in 1990s New York City, You Can't Stay Here follows aspiring art photographer Rick (Guillermo Díaz) as he spends his days and nights cruising in Central Park, taking his camera as cover. After he witnesses the murder of a gay man and captures evidence on film, he is drawn into a dangerous and sexy game of cat and mouse with the magnetic killer (Justin Ivan Brown) that leads him to question his own sanity.

Writer and director Todd Verow and producer James Kleinmann will be present for the screening.


  • Director

    Todd Verow

  • Cast

    Guillermo Diaz
    Vanessa Aspillaga
    Becca Blackwell
    Karina Arroyave
    Marlene Forte
    Justin Ivan Brown
    Jack Waters
    James Kleinmann

  • Duration

    104 min.

  • Language


  • Subtitles



  • Cinemateket

    09.28.2023 @ 8:00p.m.

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    Guest in attendance
    Todd Verow
    · Writer and director

    James Kleinmann
    · Actor, producer, film critic