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Charles Lum: This Is Where I Get Off

United States – 2021


A tribute to Charles Lum’s life told through his work as a filmmaker. 

Featuring Super-8 films Charlie shot as a teenager in the 1970s up to the last film he made about his battle with AIDS related lymphoma. Charlie AKA Clublum was a much-loved and valued member of our queer and film community, whose films defied the taboos and stigmas of sex, sex in public places, and sex with HIV. His films embody a quirky earnestness and a wacky and wicked sense of humor, and always the utter delight and pleasure of another body.
                                                                                                                                 - Todd Verow

Charles Lum (1958 - 2021) was a New York-based artist working in video using documentary and cinematic narrative, photo and performance. Many of his films have screened at Oslo/Fusion (and Skeive filmer), and as a former exchange student in Norway, Charlie loved Norway and Oslo, but sadly we never got him over to the festival before he passed way too soon.

We are glad and grateful to welcome Charlie’s close friend and long-time collaborator Todd Verow to present this tribute to the wonderful Charles Lum.


  • Director

    Charles Lum

  • Cast

    Kurator/Curator: Todd Verow

  • Duration

    73 min.

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  • Cinemateket

    09.27.2023 @ 8:00p.m.

    Special screening

    Guest in attendance
    Todd Verow
    · Writer and director