Feature narrative


Canada – 2022


Soft follows Julien and his two adolescent queer friends living in the underbelly of Toronto, each reveling in the newfound freedom of their summer break. The youthful trio is determined to sneak into a local gay club this summer, yearning to experience the wonders beyond its forbidden walls. 

A runaway, Julien has been taken in by the trans woman, Dawn. When she fails to return home one night, the gang band together to find her, but a brutal discovery reveals a dark journey to find the truth. 

“The story of Soft is a love letter to a childhood I never had, and the friendships I always yearned to have experienced.” - Director Joseph Amenta.


  • Director

    Joseph Amenta

  • Cast

    Matteus Lunot
    Harlow Joy
    Zion Matheson
    Miyoko Anderson
    Krista Morin

  • Duration

    87 min.

  • Language

    Englsih and Tagalog speach

  • Subtitles